Spa & Deep Therapy Treatments

Available as add-on treatments to a full-service grooms.

Spa Treatments


Light & Deep Therapy Treatments

All hydrating, cleansing and detox formulas used during the Light & Deep Therapy treatments are mixed on-site, and formulated to your dog's specific skin and coat needs.

Light Therapy Treatment  Hydrate-Cleanse-Hydrate.  Start with a deep conditioning to break up an oily or greasy coat, followed by a specially formulated shampoo to meet your dog's individual coat needs, and finish with another deep hydrating conditioning service.  A very hydrating treatment to address minor skin issues, or to revitalize your dog's coat. 30 minute service                                             starting at $30.00

Deep Therapy Treatment  Detox-Cleanse-Hydrate. Beneficial in repairing skin and coat damaged due to bacterial or fungal infections, and metabolic or other medical issues.  Helps promote hair growth.  Begin with a clay mask and mineral oil treatment, follow with a deep cleansing treatment, and finish with an extremely hydrating mineral and oil conditioner.  This service is also the ultimate in pampering your pet by removing the impurities in it's skin and coat, and replenishing the coat with healthy oils for a more vibrant and lush finish.

45 minute service                                                                                                                                starting at  $50.00

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